Emergency Vegetarian Food Kit - 25 Year Shelf Life

by Convar

Emergency Food Kit -  25 Year Shelf Life, Convar

This long-term emergency food tray, includes a mix of freeze dried meals.  With a 25-year shelf life, this pack will provide peace of mind ahead of any potential disasters for you and your family.

This pack contains:

2 x Carrot Stew 330g

1 x Potato Chervil Pot 260g

2 x Pea Stew 280g

2 x Potato Stew 240g

2 x Lentil Stew 240g



Carrot Stew 330g

26% carrots, palm fat, potatoes (potatoes, colouring curcuma extract), rice flour, starch, seasoning, maltodextrin, onions, leek, salt, yeast extract, spices.

Potato Chervil Pot 260g

45% potatoes (potato, colouring curcuma extract), palm fat, maltodextrin, modified starch, carrots, salt, yeast extract, 2% chervil, leek, natural flavour, spices, fructose.

Pea Stew 280g

Potatoes, palm fat, 21% peas, maltodextrin, seasoning, onions, modified starch, salt, sugar, flavour, spinach, smoke flavour.

Potato Stew 240g

51% potatoes (potato, colouring curcuma extract), palm fat, seasoning, maltodextrin, glucose syrup, leek, carrots, salt, spices, modified starch, separating agent: tricalcium phosphate; natural flavour.

Lentil Stew 270g

33% lentils, potatoes, palm fat, salt, carrots, modified starch, seasoning, yeast extract, sugar, leek, caramel, maltodextrin, parsley.