About Us

We strongly believe in the idea that it is everyone’s prerogative to ensure they are able to feed themselves and their families – there are only two weeks' food in the UK supply chain at any point in time – but we can all help insulate ourselves and society from any future crisis.

We provide a wide range of nutritious packed foods from across the world with shelf lives varying from 18 months all the way up to 30 years, enabling our customers to have peace of mind in the event of food supply chain disruption, whatever the cause and whatever the duration

We provide bespoke selection packs of food to meet different objectives in terms of supply issue duration, family size, dietary restrictions, and individual preferences.

Food warehouse

Who we are

Food Bunker team have spent over 30 years in the FMCG world of retail buying and research and development, including specialising in fresh foods, ambient products, hot beverages and food on the move.  With a wealth of knowledge this has helped us provide a product range with families in mind.

Our Story

Guaranteed food supply has always been a privilege that comes from living in a first world country.  We make certain assumptions every day that the status quo will be maintained and we can rely on society and infrastructure to allow us to put food on our table, and that this will go on indefinitely.

For ourselves we have gradually become concerned about the macro-economic environment and society and supply chain stability – and for the last five years we have attempted as a family to be prepared for more eventualities.
We knew that we were not alone in our concerns, but felt that we were not really being catered for in terms of mainstream solutions, especially regarding foods suitable for long life storage.

Over the last few years we had balanced risk as best we could, and like many during the pandemic, we built up reserves of certain essentials and made changes in our lifestyle and choices that ensured we were better prepared for the uncertainty and volatility ahead.  With an ever-growing global population, economic uncertainty, recession threats, labour shortages, supply chains creaking, climate change and potential for recurring pandemics we believe that it is prudent for us all to be prepared for food supply shortages…  we must be able to look after ourselves, our families, and where possible our friends and neighbours.

Our business allows us provide a unique offering to the UK consumer who shares our concerns, and wants to carry adequate food supplies for their and their families’ peace of mind.

As a specialist food store, we aim to provide not only the best products at competitive prices, but also provide specialist advice for like-minded customers.