What crisis scenarios should you prepare for?

There are a wide variety of different events that could disrupt food supplies, and a number of European governments advise their citizens to hold emergency food stocks to ensure they are not vulnerable if disaster strikes.

From natural local disasters such as floods, to labour shortages disrupting supply chains, macro-economic turmoil, international events, import/transport issues, future pandemics, hyper-inflation, environmental issues and climate change impacting food production, and societal breakdown, there are many underlying concerns that citizens in the western world need to ensure that they understand, and where necessary prepare for.  

 Crisis ahead

Whilst none of us can see the future, it seems prudent to be prepared for the unexpected to help you, your family, and friends through a rocky period.

We are aware that our customers hold their own concerns and build up food stockpiles for different reasons – whether they are concerned about further pandemics, have experienced local disasters, are geographically isolated, concerned about monetary or economic collapse, the impact of potential hyper-inflation, climate change, war, political breakdowns, all the way through to nuclear war and doomsday preparation.  Either way we support our customers in achieving the level of preparedness that helps mitigates their concerns.

 floods recession climate crisis

In a world that is increasingly complex, uncertain, and volatile we should all hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Follow the link for more information on how to develop your household food security plan.