Why shop with us?

We are a UK family business focused on providing quality products to the UK market at a competitive price.  As a long-life food specialist we are on hand to provide you with additional support to help you choose the food pack or products that meet your requirements.

We bulk purchase products with a minimum shelf life of 2 years (all the way up to 30 years) in order to provide you with a pre-selected range of foods that are perfectly suited for longer storage.

We also have unique mixed selection packs designed to meet the needs of households, based on their own assessment of their food storage requirements.

We are committed to the idea that it is every family's prerogative to ensure they are able to support themselves in the event of a food supply shortage, disruption, disaster, national or international crisis.  We have selected a range with UK families in mind - and we hold stocks at a level that ensures we are able to meet our customers demands.

For those people who are interested in finding out more regarding extending the shelf-life of other foods, we also provide advice and miscellaneous accessories to allow you to further supplement your food supplies.