Why should I hold emergency food?

The concept of holding emergency food supplies surprises some people, however to others it is just a logical precautionary requirement, similar in nature to home insurance, a first aid kit, smoke alarms or a fire extinguisher – you hope you won’t need it, but it means you are better prepared for disasters or the unexpected.

In a country in which food availability is currently no issue, it can be hard to imagine circumstances in which food scarcity might arise, however the food supply chain is actually a lot more fragile than many think.

The UK is not self-sufficient, it relies on food imports to meet the needs of its citizens – in fact around 50% of our food needs are imported from abroad.  At any one point there are only 2 weeks of food within the supply chain – all we need is a small number of supply issues of a serious nature and this fragility will be laid bare to the average consumer, and cause panic buying that could take months to address.

We have all witnessed the impact of panic buying on specific items, whereby even just a rumour can result in national fuel shortages – it is wise to ensure that we are not vulnerable to food supply issues of a similar nature… and you can do your bit by ensuring you and your family are not part of the problem, by being well prepared.

A well-stocked emergency food supply allows you to relax in the knowledge that you have taken precautions, and can theoretically provide tangible support to family, friends and neighbours in the event of a food supply crisis.

More concerned citizens may go a lot further in their ambition to be self-sufficient and prepared for a multitude of events, disasters, national or international crisis, and there are many resources that can be turned to for advice regarding equipment, tools and provisions that cater for most eventualities.  However, there is one particularly crucial provision that we will all need, and that is nutritious, safe food – and enough of it to cover the duration of the event.

There are a variety of different ways of approaching this challenge, and you might find reading our short article on creating a household food security plan helpful.