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for survival, outdoor adventure and emergency storage
UK Food supply shortages

We support our customers in building up long shelf-life food supplies.


Household Food Plan

We supply unique long-life food selection packs. Whether for survival, adventure, emergency storage, or just peace of mind, we make selecting the right products easier for you.

Mixed Selection Packs

Long Life Food Packs
UK households have already purchased long-life food in case of an emergency

Why should I hold emergency food supplies?

The UK is not self-sufficient, it relies on food imports to meet the needs of its citizens – in fact around 50% of our food needs are imported from abroad. 

At any one point in time there are only 2 weeks of food within the supply chain – all we need is a small number of supply issues of a serious nature and this fragility will be laid bare to the average consumer, and cause panic buying that could take months to resolve.

200cc Oxygen Absorbers (100 sachets)

Create a survival box containing crucial items in case of an emergency. Select only the exact items you need - food, accessories and meal preparation equipment.

Create the perfect survival box

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Long-Life Meals

Food Bunker are committed to only stocking food with long shelf-lives in order to ensure that our products and packs can be stored at home for the maximum duration. If you have any specific enquiries regarding our long-life food or the survival meal packs or rations, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Further information about how to extend the shelf-life of different food products at home, just visit the advice & guidance section.

Food Bunker provide unique survival food kits to meet the needs of a diverse range of customers, whether they are a survivalist, camper, explorer, climber, prepper or risk-concious consumer.