Pasta Bolognaise Meal - Single Serving, 7 Year Shelf Life


Pasta Bolognaise Meal (single serving) - Fuel Your Preparation 100g

 In difficult situations, it is often nice to have a home style meal to lift the spirit. Our Pasta Bolognaise can help do just that. A combination of delicious minced beef cooked in a hearty, rich tomato and herb sauce, mixed with pasta spirals.

Our meals have a long shelf life and are incredibly easy to store and prepare. Due to being cooked first, then freeze-dried, all you need to do it simply add hot water to rehydrate and a delicious, comforting meal can be ready in less than 10 minutes. You can also rehydrate our meals using cold water, the process takes slightly longer but the food is still completely safe to eat, making them ideal for emergencies when access to hot water might be limited.

Packed with carbohydrates and protein, this is the perfect dish to help you recharge your batteries or provide warmth and comfort while you’re waiting out a power cut or looking out for help arriving following a natural disaster.

Simply add hot water and wait 8 minutes.

Ingredients: Cooked Pasta (Wheat)(27%), Chopped Tomatoes, Tomato Puree, Minced Cooked Beef (11%), Diced Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Minced Garlic, Italian herb blend, salt.

Values  Nutrition Per Serving (100g)
Total KJ 2280
Total Kcal 545
Fat Total (g) 27.76
From Saturates (g) 3.8
Carbohydrate Total (g) 51.06
Available (g) 43.84
Carbohydrate From Sugars (g) 12.89
Fibre 7.22
Protein (g) 19.22
Salt 1.61