2 Day Emergency Food kit - Single Serving - 7 Year Shelf Life


2 Day Emergency Food Kit (8 single servings) - Fuel Your Preparation

Ensure you're prepared for any situation with one of our Emergency Preparedness Kits. This kit is designed to help sustain someone for 2 days thanks to a range of our fantastic freeze-dried meal pouches.

Packed with nutrition and easy to store each pouch has a 7 year shelf life and is really easy to prepare. Simply add water to rehydrate the ingredients and a fantastic meal can be ready in minutes. These are the perfect option for someone looking to ensure they have a robust food supply, ready to help wait out a power cut or other emergency

Each 2 Day Kit Includes:

  • Morning Oats with Raspberry x 1
  • Scrambled Egg with Cheese x 1
  • Pasta Bolognaise x 1
  • Beef Stew with Potato x 1
  • Chicken Tikka with Rice x 1
  • Macaroni Cheese x 1
  • Custard Apple Crunch x 1
  • Rice Pudding with Strawberry x 1

    Simply add hot water and wait 8 minutes.


    Allergen information:

    Contains egg, milk, wheat, oats  (TBC)

    All specific allergen information is displayed on the pack of the individual pouch.

    Freeze-dried food infographic