Emergency Survival Kit (Adventurer)


A survival kit designed to provide an extremely useful array of items and accessories in the event of an emergency, camping trip, hiking or expedition.  Compact and ideal to just grab and go!


  • Net weight of kit contents: 925g
  • Case dimensions: L 225mm, W 120mm, D 55mm 
  • Gross weight including case: 1150g

Contains 15 survival items:

  1. Paracord Bracelet
  2. Multitool Axe
  3. Tactical Pen
  4. Water Bottle Holder
  5. Tactical Knife
  6. Torch
  7. Whistle
  8. Fire Starter
  9. Extendable Straw / Bellows
  10. Pair of Carabiners
  11. Spork Multitool
  12. Miniature Fishing Kit
  13. 3m rope/cord
  14. Emergency Rescue Blanket
  15. 2 x AA batteries

Package Includes:

  • Survival items (as listed)
  • 1 x shock proof case