Cooked Minced Beef - 24 Portions, 25 Year Shelf Life


Cooked Minced Beef (24 Portions) - Fuel Your Preparation 800g

If you need to feed a lot of people, or you’re simply looking to add additional meat to another dish, our Cooked Minced Beef Tins could be the answer. Each tin serves up to 24 people and can help you provide a nutritious meal to a sizeable group of people quickly.

The mince is cooked prior to being freeze-dried, which locks in flavour and allows you to store a large quantity of food in a much more manageable and light-weight manner. Coupled with a 25-year shelf life, our tins are perfect for those looking to ensure they have a healthy supply of food ready for any situation.

These ingredient tins are a great way to add to other meals such as a chilli to help it feed more people, but also serve as a tasty ingredient when creating your own dishes. Access to a reliable source of food is a key part of disaster preparation, and the long life and substantial quantity available in our tins make them a great addition to any food supply.


Simply add hot water to a portion and wait 8 minutes.

Ingredients: Cooked Quality Assured Minced Beef (99.75%) & Rosemary (0.25%).

Values Nutrition Per Serving (100g)
Total KJ 2393
Total Kcal 572
Fat Total (g) 37
From Saturates (g) 12
Carbohydrate Total (g) 0.81
Available (g) 0.81
Carbohydrate From Sugars (g) 0
Fibre 0
Protein (g) 77
Salt 0.27