Sliced Green Beans - 20 Portions, 25 Year Shelf Life


Sliced Green Beans (20 portions) - Freeze Dried


Green Beans are a wonderful side dish for many meals. Healthy and packed with nutrients, our tins of freeze-dried sliced green beans contain enough servings for up to 20 people.

Being able to add extra vegetables and nutrition to meals is crucial. This helps to make food supplies go further and helps you to feed additional people should the need arise. Storing individual ingredients is ideal if you want to stock up on food with a long-term plan in place. This tends to cover making sure that you have enough for a prolonged length of time, which is helped by the 25-year shelf life of our tins.

If you need to feed many people in a hurry or cater for a group of people in a remote location, a tin of ingredients that can be quickly prepared is useful. Getting your green beans ready is as simple as adding water and waiting for them to rehydrate. Due to the freeze-drying process, they take up significantly less weight and room, which makes storage and transport more convenient.

Simply add hot water to a portion and wait 8 minutes.

Ingredients: Cooked green beans.