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The Best UK-Based Survival and Adventure YouTube Channels to Follow

The Best UK-Based Survival and Adventure YouTube Channels to Follow

In today's digital age, YouTube has become an invaluable resource for those seeking advice, inspiration, and entertainment in the realm of survival and adventure. The UK is home to a wealth of talented creators who share their knowledge, experiences, and adventures through their channels. In this article, we'll explore some of the best UK-based survival and adventure YouTube channels to follow, providing insights and recommendations for those eager to learn from the experts.

  1. TA Outdoors

TA Outdoors, run by Mike Pullen, is one of the most popular UK-based survival and adventure channels. With over 2.3 million subscribers, Mike shares his passion for bushcraft, wild camping, woodworking and outdoor adventures. His videos cover a wide range of topics, including shelter building, hunting, and foraging for wild edibles. His engaging storytelling and stunning cinematography make TA Outdoors a must-watch for outdoor enthusiasts.

  1. MCQ Bushcraft

Michael McQuilton, better known as MCQ Bushcraft, is a seasoned outdoorsman who shares his extensive knowledge of bushcraft, survival, and wilderness living on his YouTube channel. From instructional videos on knot tying and hunting to gear reviews and wilderness cooking, MCQ Bushcraft offers a wealth of practical advice and tips for anyone interested in honing their outdoor skills.

  1. Survival Lilly

Although not strictly UK-based, Survival Lilly is an Austrian YouTuber with a strong following in the UK survival and adventure community. Lilly is an experienced survivalist and outdoorswoman who shares her adventures, skills, and gear reviews on her channel. From archery and building shelters to testing survival kits and exploring remote wilderness locations, Survival Lilly's videos are both entertaining and educational.

  1. Simon, a bloke in the woods

Simon, a bloke in the woods, is a down-to-earth UK bushcraft enthusiast whose videos focus on wild camping, canoeing and woodland crafts. Simon's relaxed and informative approach makes his channel a pleasure to watch. His content covers a variety of topics, including campfire cooking, natural shelter building, and making and repairing your own equipment.

  1. Zed Outdoors

Zed from Zed Outdoors provides viewers with an engaging mix of bushcraft, wildcamping and wood carving. His channel features interviews with other experts in the field, showcasing their skills and sharing valuable knowledge with his audience. Zed's channel also includes gear reviews and tutorials on essential bushcraft skills such as food preparation, fire-making and shelter construction.

  1. Wild Ginger Bruce

Wild Ginger Bruce is a UK-based adventurer and outdoor enthusiast whose channel is dedicated to sharing his passion for exploring the great outdoors. With a focus on hill walking, wild camping, and bushcraft, Bruce's channel offers a unique perspective on adventure in the UK's wild spaces. His videos are unique, informative and motivational, making them a great resource for aspiring adventurers.


These are just a few of the best UK-based survival and adventure YouTube channels to follow. Each creator brings their own unique perspective and expertise to their content, providing viewers with a rich and diverse range of educational and entertaining videos. Whether you're a seasoned outdoorsperson or just starting on your wilderness journey, these channels offer a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help you on your path to becoming a more confident and skilled adventurer.

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